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Our Decking

As a real living space that provides a sense of well-being outdoors, the wood of your decking is often put to the test: bad weather, high heat... It often deteriorates over many years but with SYLNEO, no more damaged decking. Your poolside, dining or sunbathing area will have a new lease of life and will last long into the future.

The finish of SYLNEO decking and the associated accessories ensure you have a contemporary and stylish product: no visible screws, no tiles, a wood finish and a wide range of chic colours. Enjoy absolute comfort: no knots or splinters, low maintenance and excellent durability over time (20 year guarantee – this covers boards that have suffered structural damage due to termites, wood-decay fungus or soft rot attacks).

Wood composite decking also has many other advantages: no risk of splitting with frost, very strong grip even when damp, a dry surface in less than an hour after heavy rain. Composite wood is rot- proof and maintenance is limited to a simple annual brushing to reduce staining.

Thanks to POWER PLUS technology, your France-made composite deck gives you a quality product with exceptional resistance that is unequalled on the market.

SYLNEO also has two new unique boards : the COSYLNEO and ATRIA.

For more information, our decking technical data sheets are available in PDF format below.

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lame chantier terrasse
terrasse bois composite gris pierre
lames en bois composite gris pierre
terrasse bois composite lasuré
Terrasse bois composite Sylneo
Terrasse bois composite
Terrasse bois composite gris
Terrasse bois composite piscine
Terrasse bois composite Vendée
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